Cornwall Living 2018

A Taste of the U.S.A

So, we had booked our tickets for the Hall For Cornwall and to start the evening needed somewhere that could simultaneously wow ‘food choosy’ grandad, satisfy four active children’s appetites and deliver an enjoyable meal for my wife and I to boot. I called Mustard & Rye to a friendly “no problem, we’ll put you in a booth” and the night was set.

The restaurant has been well designed with a trendy New York feel throughout – not what you would expect to find in central Truro! There is a busy, bustling bar area at the entrance where several early diners were already tucking in to their food sat up on comfy high bar stools. Behind the bar two guys were mixing cocktails, creating a welcoming atmosphere with the waiting team attentive to the needs of their customers. As soon as all of our party had got into the restaurant, with the door shut behind us Jade (who would become our host for the night) appeared before us with a very genuine and warm welcome; there was an energy and friendliness here that meant I could predict we had chosen well.

We were led to our booth, a bright lime coloured leather semi circle cleverly built in a line of three or four others. The colours and decor at Mustard and Rye is refreshingly different to say the least and the busy team of waiting staff makes for an entertaining feel. Four excited children slid ‘Starsky and Hutch’ style around the booth saying ‘cool’ and ‘awesome’ in equal measure, followed by grandad whose ‘wow’ was also a pleasant surprise, while my wife and I sat at the end to balance up the table.

an 8oz Rib-eye Steak which melted in the mouth and hand cut chips that soaked up the Devil Dip Gravy to provide a taste sensation

Choosing a drink proved an education; the choice of different US beers was a welcome change to the usual offerings of creative cocktails and shows the effort and imagination that has gone into the creation of the M&R experience. I highly recommend trying some of these beers that are exclusively available in Cornwall to Mustard and Rye – all are a connoisseur’s dream – from Brooklyn Lager and iconic American Amber Lager to Flying Dog Brewery’s Snake Dog at a whopping 7.1%!

The food choices, also different and with a taste of the US, meant that the varied requirements of our party could all be fulfilled. Three of the small ones (all boys) went for the more obvious burgers that arrived at the table towering over their heads, staked neatly with fresh hand cut chips on the side. Cheese melted out of the bun of a huge American-style burger, reminding me of my last trip to the US. The comment ‘you only get burgers like this in The States’ is now clearly just not the case – here in the heart of Cornwall was a similar meat feast!

My daughter chose a more adventurous Pork Belly Ribs and without wanting to ruin the surprise for any future diners was simply amazing, succulent and tasty – so much so there was no way dad was having ‘more than a taste’.

My wife’s and dad’s choice of the special Bootleg Burger came rammed with a huge burger, pulled pork which was pure meat with little or no fat and just melted in the mouth, cheese, pickle and Bourbon Mayo. Again there was no sharing, just lots of sounds of ‘hmmmmm’ and ‘my word this is amazing’.

Over to my own mountain of food – an 8oz Rib-eye Steak which melted in the mouth and hand cut chips that soaked up the Devil Dip Gravy to provide a taste sensation – all perfectly washed down with a second bottle of Brewdig Dead Pony Club Californian Pale Ale. Delicious.

Puddings were delivered quickly as we had alerted Jade to our time pressure for the show on her clearing the mains. Our mix of choices all again fabulously different: from a New York baked cheesecake to an Apple and Pecan Pie and Old Fashioned Jelly and Ice-cream for the kids – perfect.

The bill arrived and on checking the list of drinks and food we realised that we did actually have the correct bill – we had just expected it to be a lot higher, which just like the decor, service, food and overall experience was a very pleasant and welcome surprise. Nice to know that to taste a bit of the old US of A you don’t have to get on a plane for eight hours; just head to Mustard and Rye where you are bound to have a good time.


Mustard and Rye

Chiltern House, Calenick St, Truro TR1 2SF
01872 272766

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