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A matter of time

Keep up to date with a Patek Philippe perpetual calendar watch, from Michael Spiers.

Patek Phillippe, the undisputed expert in the art of watchmaking, is the creator of some of the world’s most complicated timepieces. It has more than 100 major patented innovations, as well as the largest collection of complex watches in regular production, including the perpetual calendar. This watch function, which displays the day, date and month of the year, can even take date variations such as leap years into account, making it outstandingly accurate.

Company founder, Jean Adrien Philippe, has linked this feature to Patek Philippe since the patent of the mechanism in 1889. In 1925, the innovation established the company as the master of the complicated watch, a term referring to timepieces with extra functions – complications – on top of the simple reading of minutes and hours.

Today, the perpetual calendar remains just as popular and while some watches use apertures to display the day and month, others make use of sub-dials. A great example of the latter is the 5140P-017, a design that’s key to the Patek Phillippe perpetual calendar family. The reason it’s so important is because it houses a unique, ultra thin self-winding movement that’s been fitted into the timepiece in an engineering master-class.

In recent years, there’s been a boom in demand for not only ladies’ mechanical watches, but also for ladies’ watches with complications, a demand that Patek Philippe has met. The 7140R – the first ladies’ perpetual calendar with ultra-thin, self-winding movement – is a fine example.

To see for yourself the perfect blend of style, functionality and expert craftsmanship that oozes from the Patek Philippe range, visit Michael Spiers in Truro.


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