Cornwall Living 2018

A very Cornish craft

Organic shapes and textures inspired by the Cornish sea, shore and hedgerows, from C Jane Jewellery.

C Jane Jewellery has its focus firmly rooted in Cornwall. All of Jane’s designs and ideas emerge from living in this wonderful county and are inspired by the sea, the tides, waves and patterns in the sand, as well as the leaves and shadows in the hedgerow. Each piece is a unique item. The rings, earrings, bangles and necklaces are made from sterling silver, worked individually to create texture, with pieces of copper or bronze often added to enhance the detail.

For Jane, the process of making each piece usually begins with taking inspiration from a walk along the coastal path, a ride on her horse or, sometimes, a glance at a local photograph. Next, she makes sketches which lead to cutting the shape from her chosen metal. Detail and textures are added in stages before the final polishing and every piece of jewellery in Jane’s seasonal collections is inspired by the diverse Cornish sky, sea and landscapes.

Jane explains: “What I love about making jewellery is the stage by stage process; seeing each piece emerge into a beautiful and individual item that my customers will have great pleasure in wearing. I truly value commissioned work. Wedding rings, for instance, are very special as I know that my work is going to be a central part to somebody’s very special day.

“In my business, I have been very fortunate to have my work recognised by a number of galleries in Cornwall, as well as two which are out of the county. I also really enjoy attending and exhibiting at different craft fairs, as customers always help me develop ideas. Last year, I exhibited at The Cornwall Design Fair and the contacts I made there have led to further invitations to display my jewellery in other galleries.”

C Jane Jewellery


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