Cornwall Living 2018

Capture the moment

Learn how to take the perfect picture while enjoying the experience of a lifetime on one of Carla Regler’s amazing workshop getaways.

Walking the timeless Cornish landscape is a pure and memorable experience. The views atop heather-coated cliffs and rocky tors will never fail to take your breath away. But while memories may fade, a perfectly executed photograph will not and can even help bring a little bit of sunshine to the darker days of the year.

When she isn’t off stunning the world with her amazing snapshots of captivating landscapes, natural wildlife and unpredictable elements, Carla is encouraging and instructing others in the fascinating art of photography. Drawing upon her own experience, Carla is a big fan of utilising residential workshops. These fantastic experiences give you the chance to spend upwards of two days surrounded by like-minded people while developing your craft.

These residential workshops can take place here in the scenery close to our hearts in Cornwall, on the water at the Isle of Wight or across the seas amidst new and fantastic landscapes, with the help of Carla’s industry partners Light and Land Photographic Tours and Holidays. Explore and capture the rugged yet serene shores of Norway, the icy snows and ever-changing light of Iceland and the vibrant, historical scenes of Italy.

These fantastic, educational getaways give you the chance to learn in an inspirational and encouraging environment while having the opportunity to see and capture some truly outstanding scenes. Of course, these views are made all the sweeter by the fact that during these retreats you won’t have to worry about organising a thing! All accommodation and travelling is sorted for you so all you need to think about is turning up, having an amazing time and returning home with some unforgettable photographs.

Another unmissable perk of going with photography groups is they take you to the right locations at the right time of day so as to ensure you’re seeing them in the right light and conditions. Carla can also organise private workshops, tailored to individuals or small groups of any age, aimed at perfecting your photography skills. So get that camera at the ready, as you aren’t going to want to miss a moment.


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