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Restoration sensation

Bring back your wooden floor’s original, former glory with Strippers Flooring.

The year 2017 marks the 20th anniversary for Strippers, the wooden flooring restoration company, and it celebrated with last year being its busiest ever. Strippers Flooring has come a long way since it first established itself in Bedfordshire. Having moved to Cornwall in 2001, the company has seen many fashions and trends as they appear, change and disappear again over the years.

We spoke to Andrew Biss, owner of Strippers Flooring, about growing trends. He told us: “Over the last two decades, there has been a consistent move towards wooden floors, both new and refurbished. With more energy efficient heating and glazing technologies available to manufacturers, many of the old reasons for not having wooden floors are now invalid!

“Of course, this ties in with what is, essentially, a global trend – the growing desire among consumers for a more natural look and lower sheen levels and paradoxically also an increase in bespoke staining and ‘colour wash’ products. These days, virtually all products used to finish floors now have extremely low VOCs (volatile organic compounds, or gasses emitted from certain gasses or liquids) and meet the highest European standards.” Over the years, Strippers Flooring has established itself as the county’s leading flooring restoration company and was the first in Cornwall to receive recognition from the Which? Trusted Trader scheme, the most respected scheme with the strictest standards and ongoing monitoring.

Andrew still keeps himself very much at the forefront of what Strippers Flooring does, refusing to take back step. “I still only ever diary in one job at a time and pay the utmost respect to a client’s home. The logistics involved in refurbishing floors can be substantial and its vital to stick to the timetables set with the clients. It’s still me that does all the work – I never subcontract it – and, as I always have, I take a methodical and detailed approach to all of my work, advising on the the most suitable finishes based on the planned usage and future maintenance.”

So, what is it that Strippers Flooring can offer you? Whether your style is traditional or contemporary, wooden flooring is totally adaptable, depending on your choice of furniture, meaning there’s always a style to suit your home. What’s more, if like many older houses in Cornwall, yours is hiding a beautiful and original wooden floor, you can completely change and refresh your home décor by simply ripping up the carpet and letting Andrew apply his methodical approach.

“Restoring wooden floors requires the right attitude. To do it properly, it simply can’t be rushed.” Many underestimate the work involved in sanding a floor, which is why Andrew, with over 20 years’ experience, is equipped with the best, professional tools; two of his main sanding machines cost more than your average car! Even if some boards are beyond repair, he assures us that there’s usually a creative solution, such as utilising timbers from elsewhere in the property or sourcing reclaimed timber.

Finally, using only the best commercial grade floor finishes from the most respected manufacturers, the final touches to your floorboards will leave them looking their best for much, much longer and invariably add value to your property.

Over the years, Andrew has helped bring floors back to life throughout Cornwall, including homes, hotels, restaurants and museums.

So, if you’d like to bring a tired or original old wooden floor back to life or you’d simply like to find out more about wood flooring renovation and how having it in your own home could transform your home décor, contact Andrew!


01736 795564 / 07813 444789

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