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Tweak not tuck

Rebecca Dunlop, Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Duchy Hospital, discusses the pros and cons of the top cosmetic surgery trends of 2017, which so far show a move towards subtle surgery, a tweak rather than a tuck!

Cosmetic surgery has come a long way over the past few years and with it, the procedures being requested are changing as well, allegedly led by celebrities before being circulated on social media.

Bum lift
After years of trying to reduce the size of our rears, celebrities such as Kim Kardashian are bringing the bigger bum into the mainstream. The procedure of grafting in this area has been popular in Brazil for decades and saw a 500% increase across clinics during 2016! However, according to Rebecca, this procedure is not mainstream so if you feel it is for you ensure to select a surgeon with experience in this area.

Smaller, more subtle breast augmentation
Current trends are moving towards smaller breasts and nipples to complement a more athletic figure and natural look. Rebecca comments: “Smaller implants are more suited to the chest wall and overall physique of a patient and they have greater longevity, with less chance of negative effects on the skin and breast tissue itself.” In fact, the average size of requests is now a C-D rather than the DD-E a few years ago.

Walk in, walk out
More patients are opting to have surgery under sedation or local anaesthetic, which particularly applies to minimally invasive surgeries such as the earFoldTM. Traditional prominent ear procedures (Pinnaplasty) require the surgeon to make an incision along the crease of the ear and lift up the skin before suturing the cartilage. earFold requires only a small incision under local anaesthesia and a few small stitches that will dissolve over time, which Rebecca feels is a great procedure for those with a common type of prominent ear.

Botox cream
Wrinkle-freezing/relaxing injections are less invasive than surgery and have become increasingly popular in recent years.
But things are changing again with research into new ways of applying botox, such as developing it in a cream that patients can use themselves. Sadly, Rebecca says this isn’t a reality yet as the muscles that the botox targets are deep beneath the skin. So, injections are here to stay, for a while at least!

Fat freezing or Coolsculpt
Described as a non-invasive alternative to liposuction, fat freezing procedures use paddles to cool your skin and fat, causing the fat cells to burst and release their contents. Unfortunately, Rebecca is not convinced. “At best, it is very subtle and for most would not give enough improvement to be worthwhile. At worst, it could be a very expensive waste of time. Plus, I have yet to hear a credible explanation of how the body deals with the burst cells without just metabolising them into more fat!”

Leg shaping
After a recent Vogue article claimed that “cleavage is over”, women have moved towards a more demure look by showing off a little leg instead. As such, 2017 will likely see a rise in minimally invasive sculpting procedures, such as microlipo; a procedure where unwanted fat is removed and specific areas are sculpted. “Again, however, this is not mainstream,” comments Rebecca. “The best results would be with patients with very small fatty deposits and excellent skin.”


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