Cornwall Living 2018

What’s cooking?

Convert your oil- or gas-fired range cooker so that it runs cheaper on electricity, complete with independent hobs.

With a classic design and perfected ease of use, there is nothing quite like cooking on a range cooker. Unfortunately, the running costs of these kitchen staples are often quite high and can taint an otherwise wonderful appliance. The team over at Cornish Cooker Conversions pride themselves on their ability to reduce the running costs of your much-loved range cooker by up to 80% by converting it to electric.

This ensures you keep the centrepiece of your kitchen without parting with copious amounts of your hard-earned money, which could be spent on other home improvements or even a lovely holiday! The expert engineers at Cornish Cooker Conversions radically re-engineer the inner construction of your range cooker on site, while greatly improving the functionality.

“We know that many range cookers are very expensive to run, but to replace them is a huge investment,” says Cornish Cooker Conversions’ Elizabeth Jackson. “But with some clever engineering on our part we are able to increase operational flexibility, ensure your cooker is fume-free and reduce the burden of servicing, all in addition to the opportunity to make big savings in fuel costs.”

Working for oil, gas, 30 amp, 13 amp and solid fuel range cookers from as far back as post-Second World War models, the conversions will mean that the hobs work independently. This means that you can fry, boil, simmer and steam, all on different hobs while cooking a roast in the oven, just as you would with an electric oven. Indeed, cooking has never been easier as the heat-up times are also vastly improved while you gain more control of the heat levels.

If your range cooker heats the hot water for your home, either an immersion will be needed or the hot water cylinder should be plumbed into the central heating boiler. In either instance, the team at Cornish Cooker Conversions can advise you on the best course of action.

Thanks to advances in technology you can now control your range cooker through an app on your phone, which means you can turn it on and off, even when hundreds of miles from home! It’s perfect for those who want to spend more time enjoying Cornish life by the sea and less time beholden to the kitchen.


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