Cornwall Living 2018

Define your style

We catch up with the team from Cotton Mills, asking for their best style-defining tips to get your interior design project off the ground.

As the spring-summer sun starts shining a light on your tired interior, it’s easy to feel underwhelmed. But when it comes to making that all-important change, where do you even begin?

Firstly, you need to consider the space itself. What kind of building are you dealing with? Is it a sleek new build, a gnarly cob thatch, a Victorian terrace or a wooden beamed cottage? It’s crucial to be clear on this, according to the Cotton Mills experts, as every property has its own character, even before it has seen any decoration. For instance, taking into consideration the size of each room; which direction it faces and therefore what kind of light it will get can have a huge impact on how you approach its décor.

Second on your list should be taking into account the qualities of your home’s surroundings. Are they coastal or country, city or woodland? Imagine you’re surrounded by woodland. Chances are that the materials you use and the colour scheme you adopt will be reflective of your natural surroundings, whether it’s in a complementary or contrasting manner.

Finally, what style suits you? Many find it useful to come up with a title for their chosen scheme. Be it a well-established style like Scandinavian, Art Deco or coastal, or even an expression that’s as unique as you are, you should have your chosen title as a point of reference. Referring back to this before each decision will ensure that the end product lives up to your expectations.

As a final note, the Cotton Mills team explains that, once you start gathering them, you’ll probably find yourself with far more ideas than you can possibly work with. Getting the creative juices flowing is what it’s all about and you can always narrow your ideas down later. Just making a start is often the hardest part, so break out the scrapbook, get those samples rolling in and start filling up your notebook – you’ll be amazed what you can achieve once you’ve got the ball rolling!

Cotton Mills

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