Cornwall Living 2018

Evoking the unseen

Lizzy Bridges loves to detail architectural structures and spaces, drawing from their links to history.

I recently spoke to upcoming Cornwall-based artist, Lizzy Bridges who, since graduating from Falmouth Art College in 2009, has continued to produce paintings around the UK, working mainly with oils and watercolour and focussing on narrative. Lizzy’s work takes interior and exterior spaces, often removing them from the people who inhabit them and focussing on the narrative that each has to tell. Take one of Lizzy’s recent projects, based on London lidos, for instance. By creating an atmosphere within the paintings and making the most of the strong colours, patterns and architectural forms, she brought to life the strong aesthetic link to the past that these places represent.

When I spoke to Lizzy, she explained how she aims to evoke a narrative around the buildings themselves: “My aim is to bring attention to the detail and functionality of a space.”

After time in London and Bristol, Lizzy has since moved back to Cornwall. Now, she’s part of the Krowji community in Redruth, an up-cycled grammar school that provides invaluable workspace and indeed a home to a vibrant and thriving creative community. Being involved with Krowji – which is Cornish for ‘workshop’ or ‘shed’ – Lizzy is an active part of a community that’s constantly driving the evolution of the Cornish arts and cultural sectors forward.

Having already been impressed with the variety of work on her website – which varies from the coastal to the urban and everything in between – I was pleased to learn that Lizzy is currently exhibiting as part of Porthminster Gallery’s upcoming ‘10 Years On: Showing Off’ exhibition, celebrating the gallery’s tenth anniversary. Running until 6th May, this a great chance to see Lizzy drawing inspiration from Cornwall, with her work focussing on the less-explored view points of St Ives – an intriguing exploration of one of Cornwall’s most photographed seaside towns.

“Because it’s been so well documented and painted, my aim was to look more at the architecture and the shadows; to capture a heart felt response to the lesser known view points in St Ives.”

So, if you’d like to see Lizzy’s evocative work in the flesh, be sure to get yourself to Porthminster gallery before 6th May.


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