Cornwall Living 2018

Get that spring feeling

With carpets of newly budded flowers seen across Cornwall, is it time we refreshed our homes to match?

With spring here and the promise of longer days spent lounging in the garden with a drink in hand, it’s time we look to our houses for a little TLC. Spring cleaning might be a time-honoured tradition but it is often all too focussed on the interiors of our lovely homes, leaving the outside to continue on untouched.

Of course, I understand why we tend to shy away from external updates: it is infinitely easier to just rearrange some furniture and empty the kitchen cupboards than to embark on a fabulous refreshing of a house. I have therefore come up with a few top tips on changes that can be made that will help inject new life into your home and that’ll help make your spring and summer a joy!

Drinks on the porch anyone?

Before the hot days of summer roll around it can often be chillier than we would like in the evenings. Investing in a conservatory, sunroom or porch not only adds value to your home but also provides a mini oasis in which you can while away an evening chatting with friends or enjoying a good book in comfort and warmth while still enjoying that garden feeling.

Bedeck your home

Installing some fantastic anti-slip decking gives you the chance to enjoy your garden whatever the weather. Nothing spoils a day more than excitedly preparing a delicious Sunday breakfast to enjoy on your patio only to go flying
because the rain visited the night before!

Brand new, old fashion

The simple act of updating your windows to a Residence 9 window will mean your house maintains its character with beautiful, traditional, timber-style windows while providing you with all the benefits of a PVC window – they are even accepted in Grade II listed properties (subject to council approval).


When is a door not a door? When it’s a fabulous bi-fold, French or patio door! Ok, yes these are still all doors but they are also so much more. They are an accessory to your home and your lifestyle. Imagine waking up and opening your beautiful French doors as the morning light floods in. A little too idyllic? Perhaps, but it’s a lovely feeling all the same!

If any of these ideas pique your interest and start you down a path of refreshing the exterior of your home then contact ABL Plastics, a fantastic local company that’s only too happy to help you create your ideal home.


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