Cornwall Living 2018

Make it last

We speak to the Julian Foye team and find out how to keep our furniture looking like new.

If you keep up with our home and interiors features, you’ll have probably noticed the beautiful furnishings from Julian Foye in some of our recent issues. What we love about the team at Julian Foye is their passion and attention to care with all their furnishings. I, myself, have a few questions about how to best look after my own furniture.

Am I right in saying that dust only clings to harder furnishings like tables and cabinets?

“Upholstered furniture gets just as dusty as your cabinets – you just don’t see it. It’s important that you brush or vacuum weekly to remove it and avoid the colours fading.
We also suggest plumping the cushions at the end of each day, particularly if they’re feather or fibre filled, as this will extend the life of the filling and avoid permanent creasing.”

What else can I do extend the lifetime of my furniture?

“General wear and tear is expected, however you can considerably prolong the lifetime of your furnishings by discouraging pets and lively children from climbing over them.We also recommend using protective arm caps where possible – preferably those made from furniture fabric – as this is the area most prone to wear. We always say to our customers that sitting on the arms of chairs and sofas is a big no-no, as is using a vacuum on delicate feather down!”

What can I do to protect my new sofa from soiling?

“This is a question we get asked a lot, particularly by parents who want to protect their lovely new chairs and sofas against possible accidents and we’ve come across a number of solutions. By far our favourite is Staingard Stain Resist Treatment, which we recommend ordering at the same time as your sofa. If applied to your new upholstery before delivery, it will help in the long term to protect against spills and resist gradual spoiling. The best part is that, compared to your investment, the cost is small and even includes a five-year guarantee.”


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