Cornwall Living 2018

More space, more time

One of life’s great frustrations is the fact that everyday clutters take up time that could otherwise be spent with loved ones. So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to try and find a creative solution!

A few weekends ago I spent two days of glorious sunshine indoors and sorting through piles of prized possessions in a futile attempt to spring-clean and organise my life. Indeed, nearly every weekend I find myself dedicating an absurd amount of time to sorting through odds and ends: trying to find space for things I can’t bare to get rid of because they hold sentimental value, will be needed when I get a bigger place or will be important for work in the future.

While my friends basked in the sun on their favourite beach and enjoyed an ice cream with the family in St Ives, I sat amidst boxes and staring longingly out of the window! Someone mentioned self-storage as a solution, and a little digging unearthed Cornish company M-Store, a colourful and dedicated example that you can have your cake and eat it by storing your personal possessions, office documents and stock overflow with care and attention to safety. Indeed, after looking at the details I soon realised that my things would have a better life there, as the de-humidifiers would stave off the damp a hundred times better than my home ever could.

M-Store boasts a prime location just off of the A30 and offers customers 24/7 access through coded electronic gates and CCTV surveillance so that you can leave feeling at ease with the knowledge that your possessions are safe and secure. So, if you fancy spending a few more hours enjoying the superb lifestyle by the sea that Cornwall provides then have a look at how you can save time at home and in the workplace with M-Store.


Victoria Business Park, Roche, St Austell PL26 8XL
01726 890880

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