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No mean feat

Helen Glover and husband Steve Backshall in training before their Easter mission to help save the rainforest of Borneo.

Those of you who keep up with Cornwall Living will remember our recent piece about Olympic rowing champion and national treasure, Helen Glover. From the highlights of her career to her love of pasties, Helen kindly took the time during some precious time at home to talk to us and, now, she’s back out there and at it again!

In fact, on Friday 31st March Helen and her husband Steve Backshall could be found warming up in the tropical heat of the Eden Project, preparing for their charity paddle of epic proportions up the Thames in aid of the Borneo rainforest, which took place this Easter. By hauling a two-seater kayak over the new Canopy Rope Bridge and Cloud Bridge – part of the Weather Maker section of the Rainforest Canopy Walkway at Eden, the pair got a taste for the rainforest that they’re aiming to help save.

During the Eden leg of their training, Steve said: “We’re putting ourselves through hell training for it but it’s all for a very good cause.

“World Land Trust are helping us buy a section of Bornean rainforest, saving it for the proboscis monkeys, the orang-utans, the pygmy elephants and all the other astounding animals that live there.”

Helen, on doing what she loves for such a noble cause, said: “Saving the rainforest is a really big mission so we’ve set ourselves a really big task – paddling 125 miles down the River Thames.”

Eden Project also works closely with the World Land Trust. Indeed, Eden’s own Dr Jo Elworthy said: “Helen and Steve’s project with the World Land Trust is a great fit, not only with our work in Borneo but also all the stories we tell about the vital relationship between the tropical rainforest, biodiversity, climate and weather.”

As part of this on-going work, Eden is now allowing visitors a chance to trek across the aerial rope bridge, shelter from the tropical rain and travel through clouds, with the opening of the Weather Maker!

It’s incredible to see such amazing work done, both by the Eden Project and by Helen and Steve. Indeed, after having met her last issue, it’s clear to see that Helen is not just a national treasure – she’s one to be held dear, the world over.

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