Cornwall Living 2018

Service with a smile

Anthony Bonner, owner of Cornwall Denture Clinic, explains what it means to work as a top Clinical Dental Technician.

Anthony has been providing high-quality dentures for more than 30 years. In addition to running his own clinic, he also works in The Bay dental practice in Penzance, which allows him the unique opportunity to stay ahead of the game, providing a full range of services.

He tells us: “I’ve always strived to stay at the forefront of my profession by constantly looking for new methods and approaches, as well as developing my own techniques.”

This enthusiasm to constantly better his work hasn’t gone unrecognised. In fact, Anthony was recently asked by a leading dental company to help with the development of new products and to train other dental professionals in their use.

We learn that he regularly works with industry leading professionals, which goes a long way towards the quality of his service, particularly with more complex dentures. He explains: “Partial and implant retained dentures are an increasing part of my work. For these techniques to be a success, I need to be working closely with top dentists.”

So what can Anthony offer you? Your first visit to the Cornwall Denture Clinic begins with a discussion of your individual requirements. Anthony likes to get to know you so that he can tailor his service and products to your exact needs – there are several types of denture available and the key to success is finding exactly the right one for you.

Fit, function and comfort are all important, but Anthony’s passion is to make dentures look like real teeth, preferring to work with photos of your original teeth in order to help bring back your natural smile back.


48 Queens Street, Penzance TR18 4BQ
01736 874950

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