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A smile you can trust

Visit Truro’s River Practice for a reliable and professional service from the specialists.

At River Practice Specialist Centre you can trust your smile with experienced specialists in the field of orthodontics. You might be surprised to discover just how many patients opt for specialist treatment offered by non-specialists. Indeed, as Jeremy Peak of River Practice Specialist Centre explains, there are certain treatments and services that any general dentist can legally provide, without being a specialist in that area.

“Increasingly general dentists are offering treatments traditionally entrusted to a specialist,” says Jeremy. This can lead to patients failing to achieve the results they expect, and hence a rapid rise in complaints to the General Dental Council – the governing body that regulates dentistry in the UK – in many areas, especially orthodontics.

Many dentists use a remote orthodontic planning service, resulting in a patient receiving a course of treatment planned by a computer, with very little understanding of that individual patient’s needs. As with any healthcare situation, the body doesn’t always respond as anticipated, and these remotely planned courses can quickly lead to a situation whereby the dentist lacks the experience to either spot the issue early enough and/or modify the course of treatment as necessary.

As Jeremy tells us, while many simple cases are perfectly treatable by general dentists, it often takes the skill and training of an orthodontist to determine whether a specific case requires a more tailored approach to avoid difficulties arising further down the line. A dentist should be able to offer a range of suitable options, rather than only a very basic system based on limited training.

If you are considering treatment, don’t be afraid to ask your dentist questions. What different options are available to align your teeth? What experience and training does your dentist have in each of these methods? Finally, would they have any objection to you seeking a specialist opinion?

Patients are often surprised to learn that orthodontic treatment with River Practice’s specialists is no more expensive than treatment with a general dentist. What’s more, as with any scenario, it can be far more costly and disruptive to correct mistakes that could have been avoided through seeking professional expertise from the offset.

River Practice regularly receives referrals from over 100 dentists throughout Devon and Cornwall who also trust the specialists with their patients’ smiles. So, get in touch with River Practice, book your appointment with one of the highly trained orthodontic team and, most importantly, get your smile back!


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