Cornwall Living 2018

Make your house a home

Bespoke and lovingly handcrafted pieces of pine and oak furniture, at Celtic Pine and Oak, Wadebridge.

We may buy our homes as brick and mortar – four walls, some windows and a door – but we build them with touches of personality, accents of use and splashes of love for the memories we create. It could be the Christmas dinner that you take turns to host every four years, or it could be the indoor egg hunt you put on that one Easter Sunday when it was pouring down with rain. Just as memorable are the countless evenings spent weathering the unpredictable Cornish weather, with board games, cards and films, and those hearty family meals sat around the table.

The table. Something you’ll find in most kitchens, yet a centre point for the family, used evening after evening to catch up on each other’s day at work and the kids’ progress at school. It’s such a simple piece of furniture, yet when lovingly handcrafted and made from fine, responsibly sourced materials, it can really help turn your house into your home. As you enter the Celtic Pine and Oak showroom, you’re welcomed with an immediate sense of home. Homely and sturdy oak dining tables, comforting pine wardrobes that you can easily imagine reaching into every morning; each expertly crafted piece of furniture boasts a history of 50 years, with generations of handed-down trade skill evident in each joint, knot and polished surface. Whether you want a traditional piece to seamlessly blend into your lovely country cottage, or a sleek, modern alternative to complement your contemporary seaside apartment, Celtic Pine and Oak has something to suit your needs.

The best part is that the timber for these exceptional examples of woodworking is sustainably and ethically sourced, meaning your new piece of furniture not only looks fantastic; it’s part of a green future for our environment, too!

With a team that’s happy to help, from choosing your new piece to advising on how to keep it the talk of your parties for years to come, if your house is missing something and it’s high time you filled that gap, head down to the Wadebridge showroom and take a look for yourself. Alternatively, why not head to the website? However you choose to shop, you’re sure to be blown away by the impressive range of handcrafted furniture that this fantastic Cornish company has to offer.


Foundry House, Polmorla Road, Wadebridge PL27 7NB
01208 816861

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