Cornwall Living 2018

Instead of letting the weather put you off getting outside this winter, why not pay a visit to Ann’s Cottage?

Here in Cornwall life marches to a slower beat than the rest of the UK. We are never far from gorgeous countryside and stunning beaches, which are perfect places to explore and create our own adventures. Unfortunately, however, as the weather starts to cool and the balmy afternoons of summer give way to the short-lived days of winter, we’re all-too-often put off of spending time outside.

This winter, the Ann’s Cottage team wants to encourage you to get out there and see what our wonderful county has to offer. We’re all creatures of habit, and even in the summer we tend to visit the places we know and love, but there are plenty of hidden gems just waiting to be discovered. Isn’t it time you left your comfort zone behind, got off the beaten track and enjoyed a stroll down to one of Cornwall’s many lesser-known beaches? Alternatively, why not simply wander through some of Cornwall’s majestic woodlands and enjoy being surrounded by countless trees and local wildlife? Modern day living is often hectic and stressful, but just getting outside and feeling the fresh, country air fill your lungs can be enough to wash all of that away.

So, rather than hibernating at home, why not wrap up warm and go take advantage of those quieter beaches and bigger swells? Or, if you’ve got a furry friend who’s itching for a long walk, Cornwall is one of the UK’s most dog-friendly regions. During the winter, when your usual walking routes may be flooded, marshy or simply unpleasant, taking a long stroll on one of Cornwall’s many dog-friendly beaches is something you can both benefit from. Some of our favourites from a long list include Praa Sands and Longrock on the south coast, as well as Mawgan Porth near Newquay, Constantine Bay and Watergate Bay.

Firmly established as a household name, both in Cornwall and Europe, Ann’s Cottage Surf and Lifestyle Stores have become synonymous with ‘style by the sea’, something the team promotes all year round. In any of this impressive retailer’s stores you’ll find a wealth of brands, ranging from home grown labels like Passenger, to global household names like Ugg and Barts – all inspired by the increasing demand of life spent outdoors and near the sea. Indeed, the Ann’s Cottage team is always on the lookout for the latest trends, sourcing only the best clothes and accessories for enjoying life by the water. Upon visiting, you’ll find that expert help is always on hand from a team that’s happy to advise on the what’s best for your personal needs, whether you’re looking for a pair of gloves or a brand new surfboard.

The best part is that this is but a snapshot of what you can expect to from a visit to Ann’s Cottage this winter! Whatever your plans for getting outside – be it crashing through those winter waves or trekking the coastal paths – there really is no better place to start your journey. Pick up those ‘must have’ essentials for your winter wardrobe, or find a great gift for someone special. This autumn and winter, embrace the beauty that Cornwall has to offer by getting out there and carving your own path to amazing days of exploration and adventure.

With stock from a whole host of top lifestyle brands, Ann’s Cottage Surf and Lifestyle Stores have everything you need to keep warm, dry and most importantly, fashionable this winter!


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