Cornwall Living 2018

A weekend love affair

We are given the chance to test out the all-new Mazda CX-5, courtesy of Vospers Truro

When the chance came up to test-drive a brand new car for the weekend, my hand shot up before I even knew the make or model. Luckily for me the car in question was the brand new Mazda CX-5, the brand’s newest mid-size SUV.

Turning up at Vospers Truro bright and early on Friday, the car’s bold good looks immediately stuck out as much as my eagerness to get behind the wheel. After a quick demonstration of the car’s built-in and crystal clear HUD infotainment system, I was already an expert. Within two minutes my phone was hooked up, my music was streaming through Bose speakers and the sat-nav had my route mapped out for me.

I must admit I was a little cautious pulling away as, compared to my humble hatchback, this Mazda was a certifiable giant. This initial anxiety slipped away by the time I was in third gear, as the smoothness of the steering and drive gave me the feeling of complete control.

How, though, to test a car in a way that is relatable? Well, I thought the best angle for you, our readers (and the easiest for myself) was to see how the car stood up to the mundane tasks of real life. No scenic excursions across Bodmin Moor, rather, a kid’s football party in a soggy field. The Mazda cruised through this first test – five teenagers with football gear in tow were easy to accommodate, and my only worry was the mud they left on the carpets.

Next up a trip to the cinema and with it, a tight parking space. What good is a car if you are too afraid to actually park it anywhere other than the deserted corner of a supermarket car park? The parking sensors, rear view camera and easy handling made this a doddle and duly inflamed the sense of pride I’d gained from driving around in a brand new car. A wet and dark drive home afterwards also highlighted another handy feature – the advanced I-Activsense safety technology, which really did help make for a very comfortable stress free journey home.

Driving back to Vospers, Truro on the Sunday, I contemplated my weekend with the Mazda, and I can say that I absolutely loved it, honestly! It looks fantastic both inside and out, the infotainment system is deft, allowing you to focus on actually driving rather than messing around trying to change the station or destination. To top it all off, and most importantly, the drive was exquisite. Silent and smooth at all times, it’s easy to forget about the 2.2ltr diesel engine, which gives more than enough power when asked for it. The best part is an average fuel consumption of 44mpg – even on Cornish roads – won’t leave you wishing you bought something smaller. 

Alas, all good things must come to an end. My weekend love affair with the Mazda CX-5 was over and I now faced a downhearted drive home in my own car, which until two days ago, I was more than happy with.


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