Cornwall Living 2018

Make a statement

Andrew Cook from Just Shutters tells us more about how to get the perfect look and feel, in any room.

Plantation Shutters are a beautiful and striking style statement, and make a perfectly practical addition to your home. A versatile window covering, shutters can be used on a variety of shapes, angles and arches. They’re easy to maintain, can be used even in humid environments and have a timeless elegance that can last a lifetime.

How can we use shutters with bay windows?

According to Andrew: “Shutters are the perfect way to make a design impact while retaining the character of your bay window. They maximise light and enhance the bay’s features. By avoiding heavy and cumbersome fabrics, you open the room up and make it appear larger. Unlike less substantial materials, shutters don’t bleach or fade in the sun and they couple practicality with style like nothing else on the market.”

What about in the bathroom?

“Brilliant in humid environments, shutters offer a hardwearing and beautiful solution to materials that would be prone to mildew and warping.”

Will they fit windows of different shapes?

“There’s nothing quite like a striking shaped window or door,” Andrew explains, “however many window coverings fit improperly and detract from the shape and elegance of these wonderful features. Shutters, on the other hand are bespoke and made to measure, enhancing the beauty and style by perfectly mirroring every shape and curve. Our huge selection of materials, finishes and louvre sizes allow you to suit your shutters to any window in any room of the house.”

Can we use them with our French doors?

“Yes. Shutters can help create a lovely snug feeling in the winter, as well as a bright, open look in the warmer months, bringing the outside in. Another reason many are opting for shutters on their French doors is the feeling of security they bring. Often exposed, rooms with large expanses of glass can become a private sanctuary.”

How can they improve the bedroom?

“Shutters can make the bedroom the perfect sanctuary for a restful night’s sleep, perfect for lazy weekend lie-ins and shutting out the outside world.”


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