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A match made in solar heaven…

Adding a battery storage device to a solar array is the best way to use more of your solar generation and spend less on electricity bills.

For years, solar PV has offered homeowners an excellent investment opportunity, with Feed-in Tariff payments and energy savings providing a near-unrivalled return on investment. However, only customers able to use most of their energy have seen the true benefit of solar.

The typical homeowner benefitting from a solar array is able to consume around 50% of their solar generation. Customers then lose this energy to the grid, as per the Feed-in Tariff, for no extra benefit. Consider that the Cornish climate is among the UK’s best for solar generation and so appears the problem.

Battery storage installations reduce grid export of solar energy by sending excess, unused solar energy to charge a battery pack. The battery then discharges energy when solar energy alone can’t handle demand. The result is lowered electricity demand from the grid. By installing a battery storage solution, customers can use up to 100% of their solar generation, resulting in further savings on their bills as high as 50%.

Storage systems come in different shapes and brands. All existing solar systems are compatible with battery storage. Best of all, adding a battery to a pre-installed system won’t impact any existing benefits.

Payment from the Feed-in Tariff remains the same thanks to the deemed nature of the export component. On the other hand, both energy savings and carbon emissions are dramatically enhanced. Furthermore, customers adding battery storage reduce their dependence on the grid and gain extra protection from unstable energy prices.

Want to benefit further from your solar array? Upgrade your solar with battery storage now.

GreenGenUK is one of Cornwall’s leading solar and renewable providers. Offering a range of battery storage systems, GreenGen guarantees a solution to match the needs of their customer and their homes. So why not speak to one of the GreenGenUK experts today to see what they can do for you?

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