Cornwall Living 2018

Clean & green

Amanda Winwood discusses the real meaning of organic, the importance of family bonds, and coping with cancer.

As the first company in the UK to gain 100% organic certification across the whole range, the Spiezia team and I have been delighted to work with the Soil Association in the past few weeks to head up to London and talk to the press about what is truly organic. Did you know that any skincare product can label itself organic and need only contain 2% or less? There is no Government legislation to mitigate this.

When you buy a Soil Association or COSMOS certified product you can be assured of no genetically modified ingredients (GMOs), no synthetic fragrances or colours, no product testing on animals, and no silicone oils or derivatives.

There are many companies who play on the word organic or natural – look for certification to know that what you are getting is authentic.

This is dear to our hearts as we continue to really promote to spas that they should open their doors to people going through cancer. We have been welcoming people going through cancer and treatment for cancer for 15 years. This year, we have developed and launched a fully accredited and insured Cancer Touch Therapy™ training course thanks to Marc Innes who I have known for over eight years now.

Una St Ives, our Made for Life Spa, recently welcomed someone who was having a break in her chemotherapy. She, her husband and their two young boys came in and found some peace and relaxation in the midst of what has been a really tough time for the family. A close bond had been formed by the end of their stay with the therapist team.

We will be holding a Made for Life event at Una St Ives which includes full use of the facilities and a spa treat on Thursday 13th October – see the back page of this issue of Cornwall Living for more details and contact the lovely Juliette, our Made for Life Foundation Manager.

October is Cancer awareness month. So if you know someone who needs some support, give them a hug, take time to go for a walk with them or go and take some time. Time is a precious gift.

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