Cornwall Living 2018

Clever conversions

Make the most of your Aga cooker by going electric with Cornish Cooker Conversions.

Undergoing a kitchen renovation or simply want to make the most out of your Aga oven? Converting it to run on electricity will make it run more efficiently whilst helping to keep costs down on usage.

Cornish Cooker Conversions specialise in converting your Aga, making it easier to cook with and giving you the freedom to control it as you please, allowing you to avoid that stifling heat in the summer, whilst improving heat-up times.

By converting the heat source to electric, the ElecricKit does away with the cast mass of the combustion chamber and flue ways. This gives you the freedom to use the energy where it’s needed and presents you with hobs that work independently from the oven and are controlled, precisely, with an additional temperature control feature.

While impressive, Cornish Cooker Conversions do much more than just convert your Aga. If you’re managing a new kitchen project, and would like to convert your Aga with the ElectricKit, the team will work to your time schedule, so you can achieve your new kitchen at your own pace. What’s more, they can assist builders, electricians and plumbers when it comes to completing your project and will be more than happy to remove the flue from your Aga, venting your oven to your room.

If you are having an ElectricKit conversion, then the team can offer second-hand Agas with fitted ElectricKits, supply re-enamelled second-hand Agas and re-enamel yours to suit any colour scheme. They can also advise your builders with regards to plinths that suit your kitchen and the height of your units.

Finally, while we all know that Agas weigh about as much as your average car, Cornish Cooker Conversions can move yours to a more suitable position, which can be extremely useful, especially if you’re in the middle of building an extension!

So, if you have an Aga that you want to welcome to the modern age, Cornish Cooker Conversions are experts when it comes to making the most of your specialist oven. If you find your Aga is costing you excessive amounts in gas, oil or solid fuel, a conversion might just be the answer to your problems.


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Wadebridge PL27 6DJ

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Cornish Cooker Conversions are an Independent business and in no way connected to AGA, AGA Rayburn or AGA Rangemaster Limited. They provide services relating to the product known as an ‘AGA’ and recognise and acknowledge all trademarks and patents in relation to the AGA product.

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