Cornwall Living 2018

From a grain of sand

The possibilities for using glass in any building development, or simply across the home, are endless thanks to UK Glass Centre.

It surrounds us and has become an integral part of our everyday lives and whether we choose to acknowledge it, glass is among the most commonly used building materials in the world.

With a history tracing back to the time of the Egyptians, glass has evolved into one of the most ubiquitous materials of the modern day. From a single windowpane in a humble garden shed to a precisely engineered glass slide on the side of a towering sky scraper, it seems the possibilities for using glass are endless. All this and yet glass still remains one of the most undervalued products of the modern age.

More and more domestic and commercial consumers are embracing the potential of glass. Sculptural water features with a glacier-like appearance transform an unassuming pond into a striking garden focal point. Mirrors offer the illusion of space and depth both in the garden and the home. Glass balconies and balustrades sit quietly and unobtrusively amongst the foliage and fauna gently framing areas of the garden with clean sophisticated lines.

The kitchen offers a fresh vibrant injection of colour (virtually any colour in fact) with a no-nonsense, eye-catching glass splash back. The practical qualities outweigh those of traditional tiles, pairing functionality with dramatic flair and can make an impressive statement to define your personal style.

Warming your toes next to a roaring wood-burning fire is considered by many as the best thing about the cooler winter months. With ceramic fire glass doors and beautifully crafted glass hearths, cosy in the knowledge that damage limitation doesn’t have to come at the cost of elegance, winter just got a whole lot better!

The expertise, knowledge and craftsmanship of its colleagues throughout the south west enables the Cornwall Glass and Glazing Group to provide an outstanding range of products and service. From technical advice on complex bespoke items to replacing broken glass in your most treasured picture frame. So from a grain of sand comes something that for us is so much more than just a piece of glass!

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