Cornwall Living 2018

Isn’t life funny?

As October is cancer awareness month, we look at the great work carried out by Made For Life Foundation.

Each issue we feature the Made For Life Foundation and the ongoing work that it does for those who find themselves diagnosed, fighting and recovering from cancer. Organising holistic treatments, organic makeovers, nutritional advice, art therapy as well as teaching meditation and relaxation techniques, the foundation is pivotal in lending a helping hand to those who need it most.

Diane Knight who, like so many other individuals who’ve benefited from the amazing help that the foundation offers, shares her story so far and proves to us, once again, that this charity truly is made for life.

“After months of strange bowel movements and occasional bleeding, I visited my GP who immediately referred me to a colorectal surgeon at Treliske Hospital, Truro”, explains Diane. “Everything happened so quickly – I really didn’t have time to think. Diagnosed with cancer on my rectum, my surgeon had every confidence that he could deal with it. After surgery to remove my rectum and building a ‘new one’, I was given the all-clear in January 2014 and I started to get on with my life – working from home as an IT Director whilst bringing up our two sons with my husband in beautiful Cornwall.”

However, it wasn’t long before Diane went back. “Things didn’t feel right and after several scans, in December 2014 I was diagnosed with cancer in the pelvic wall and incurable secondaries in my lungs. This time the news was devastating and having to tell my husband, family and friends was the worst experience of my life. No surgery now, just palliative chemotherapy.”

How do you live with an incurable cancer diagnosis? “I needed support, I had plenty of medical support but I hadn’t a clue how to manage day to day. Then I found Made for Life. I met so many lovely people in a similar situation and discovered that the wonderful workshops are an amazing opportunity to forget your worries, but also to chat in confidence about your concerns and problems with people who really understand. If you are looking for hugs, comforting words and a little bit of fun, you should look up the next event on their website and come along – it really helps!”

 Made for Life Foundation

The Health and Wellbeing Centre, Truro TR1 3FF

01326 221777

(Registered charity 1138846)

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