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Smart fencing

Wooden fences might seem economical, but choosing metal over wood with Colourfence could save you time and money in the long term.

Buying a wooden fence may be the cheaper option initially, but it could mean you will need to replace it every ten years, and with the coastal winds and sea mists that reach us on the Cornish coast it could be even more frequent than that.

Timber is a great material, but when kept outside where it’s exposed to moisture it is prone to rot and mildew. Maintaining your timber fence means using a fungicidal wash every two years and applying sealant afterwards. Metal fences such as Colourfence, do not need to be re-painted or re-sealed after installation due to their anti-corrosion base, making it a lot easier to maintain and giving you more time to enjoy your garden.

Colourfence is made from an innovative, anti-corrosive steel product (Zincalume), guaranteed to be far stronger and longer lasting than wood.

Colourfence Cornwall has installed over 150 fences, from Prideaux to Penzance, and with Cornwall being the second windiest county in the UK it’s easy to see why people are choosing quality metal over wood.

With a range of styles and colours to suit your home, Colourfence has the solution for installing a durable and attractive fence that remains fit for purpose without costly and time-consuming treatments.

Colourfence Cornwall Director Olly Daglish has noticed the changes in attitude towards wood fencing: “I find customers are pretty fed up with wood fencing and find the strength and longevity is simply not suited to our Cornish weather. Although the initial outlay may be a little more with Colourfence, in the medium to long term it is more economical and far less time consuming in terms of maintenance.”

So give the team at Colourfence Cornwall a call and find out what they could do for your garden.

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