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A thing of beauty

Patek Philippe celebrates the 20th anniversary of its patented Annual Calendar mechanism, available at Michael Spiers, Truro.

The art or science of measuring time has come a long way since sundials, hourglasses and intricate cogs. Now, with just a quick glance at our iPhones, we are instantly gratified with time and date. In a Patek Philippe watch, however, one thing has not changed: telling the time remains a thing of beauty and patience.

Within horology, Patek Philippe prides itself on being a name almost unsurpassed. This established Swiss watch brand is unique in being the last remaining family-owned Geneva independent watchmaker since 1839. With over 175 years of expert craftsmanship, family values and timeless design under its belt, Patek Philippe continues to lead the way in producing stunning watches that evolve to maintain the brand’s tradition of innovation.

This year, Patek Philippe’s patented Annual Calendar mechanism celebrates its 20th anniversary. The original idea for an annual calendar was an industrial factory clock used in Germany and built during the 1980s, but the idea was never developed. Since the Patek Philippe Annual Calendar mechanism was patented in 1996, this practical and elegant solution endorsed the idea that the calendar only needs to be adjusted once a year on 1st March to accommodate the variable duration of February.

Therefore, the characterful Annual Calendar automatically displays the month, the day of the week, and the correct date, but the watch does not ‘understand’ leap years, as with a perpetual calendar model. The date must be adjusted using the correctors, or pushers, at the side of the case, or by using the crown. This complicated timepiece has proved a popular addition to the collection, with pieces available for both men and women.

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Annual Calendar, Patek Philippe has launched a new model, in which the dial has been subtly reworked in charcoal grey with beautiful Breguet numerals to complement the 21 Annual Calendar models that have come about since 1996.

Michael Spiers Jewellers on Truro’s Lemon Street injects Swiss luxury into the south west, stocking an extensive range of Patek Philippe timepieces, including the new Annual Calendar: a charming model of watch that marks a point in the history of horology, while sitting elegantly and comfortably on your wrist.


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