Cornwall Living 2018

Capturing the magic

For Laura Buffery-Martin, documenting the story of a wedding day is a creative, emotional and rewarding honour.

When someone does what they love and loves what they do, the result is usually something quite special. Such is the case for Laura, a professional wedding and portrait photographer based on Cornwall’s north coast.

“From the moment my dad gave me his Pentax ME Super in my early teens, I was hooked,” Laura tells us. “At age 15 I did work experience for a very successful wedding and portrait photographer and learnt the art and magic of dark room processing.”

Since then, Laura’s passion for photographing natural, fleeting and fun moments has only grown greater. A loan and mentor from the Prince’s Trust and a modest website were the starting points for what is now an exciting, rewarding and still growing business. Couples she originally photographed with newborn babies call on her year by year to document the changes.

For Laura, Cornwall is a photographer’s paradise. “I feel so lucky to be living and working in this beautiful county. Visiting the most beautiful venues for my work”. She often travels too, especially for weddings, and has photographed special days in the many treasures of Devon, Bristol, Dorset, Gloucester, the Isle of Wight and Switzerland.

“I love the diversity of photographing a wedding day. There’s always a moment to shoot, always a beautiful location, and so much emotion. I mainly work with a photojournalistic mindset, taking on the role of a portrait photographer as I direct and pose groups, becoming a still life photographer with the detail shots and satisfying my love of landscape photography by always capturing the location. I am constantly rewarding my creativity – it can’t get better than that!”

Photographing people is a special part of the job for Laura, and it really shows in the beautiful moments she manages to capture in her images. “Even in my early landscape work you’ll find a solitary figure there somewhere, making the shot”, she explains.

Laura recently launched her new website, which showcases all her latest work, from weddings to on-location family portraits, and commissions to product shoots. The site is beautifully put together, an inspiring online journal of colour, emotion and atmosphere expertly captured.


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