Cornwall Living 2018

Healthy heating

Heat your holiday accommodation the smart way, using infrared technology from Redwell.

How many times have you opened the door to your eagerly-awaited holiday break to smell a musty, possibly damp cottage or caravan? This is an all-too-common experience and, depending on the time of year, it may have been unoccupied for some time. A challenge for most holiday homeowners is weighing up the cost of heating out of season.

Redwell, the infrared heating specialist, recently worked with a holiday homeowner in the south west, who faced a constant battle trying to maintain an even temperature in his static lodge while unoccupied over the winter. Frequent out-of-season visits were met with a damp unwelcoming smell and a full dehumidifier. Redwell installed an appealing system based on a range of images chosen by the client, printed onto Redwell’s range of panels to create a unique design theme.

A simple thermostat system for each zone meant that he could set a minimum level to protect the lodge when away, and enjoy a healthy comfort when in residence. He’s overjoyed by the simplicity, aesthetic benefits, minimal energy use and accurate controllability the system offers. Now he returns to a fresh, welcoming smell ready to enjoy his stay.

“Following the installation, I visited recently for the first time in a while to find virtually no water within the de-humidifier units, no dampness or condensation whatsoever throughout the lodge, and a consistent temperature in all rooms”, explains the happy owner. “Combined with a very reasonable running cost, it has been an outstanding success!”

Infrared produces a soft ambient warmth throughout, creating a subtle comfort which is healthy, as it warms the body, keeps the air cooler and fresher and at the same time warms the fabric of the building contributing to an evenness and efficient form of heating.

How many times have we complained about ugly radiators taking up vital wall space that could be used far more effectively? Those days are numbered. The use of radiant heating within the home provides a huge range of flexibility due to the style of the panels offered. Choose from mirrors, custom framed prints, towel dryers or simple white panels mounted to your ceiling to free-up space. The opportunity to use your heating to furnish your home is a very new concept to most.

Maintenance-free and with up to 50% less energy used, Redwell presents a compelling option for holiday homeowners who want to improve on aesthetics, save on energy, protect the fabric of the building and at the same time offer a unique selling point with healthy heating systems.


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