Cornwall Living 2018

On solid ground

Take the back-breaking work out of laying foundations with a new installation method. 

Picture the scene… you’ve decided to install a new shed in the garden, the shed’s being delivered in a few days time and you need to prepare the foundations. So far, so good but with rain forecast for the foreseeable future and a tight deadline to work to, panic sets in – laying concrete foundations can take days and a lot of effort. Fear not, Stop-Digging Southwest has a new and innovative way to help install garden rooms, sheds, carports, decking, signage, fencing and most temporary building structures without the need for digging concrete foundations.

The company, based in west Cornwall, uses corrosion resistant, galvanised steel ground screws up to 1.2 metres long, that can be used for projects such as temporary storage, timber, spa baths, fencing or climbing frames. We asked Managing Director Nathan Ward why this new method is so beneficial: “It’s not just a time issue, ground screws can really help because there’s no need for digging and laying a concrete foundations. It removes the need for lorries on site so not only can they be fitted in difficult to reach areas but they are good for the environment too as there’s no waste, no cement and little ground clearing. The screws are completely reusable, unwind them out when the structure needs to be removed and the ground recovers.”

The method also saves time – it can take just a few minutes to install one into the ground. So, if you want to put up a garden room or an office it only takes a morning to complete the foundations for your building. “That’s a lot easier and quicker than digging ground works in the Cornish mizzle,” adds Nathan. Suitable up to 25kN load the screws can handle most garden or light construction projects with the benefit of no waste products to take away or necessity to clear the ground.

The concept comes from Swedish company Sluta Grav (Swedish for Stop Digging) whose success has led to selling over 100,000 ground screws through a large network of retailers and installers across Sweden. The market has grown rapidly in Europe and is now available
for the first time, exclusively, right here in Cornwall. The time has come to stop digging!


Water-ma-Trout Industrial Estate, Helston TR13 0LW

07968 205443

Facebook – /stopdiggingsw

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