Cornwall Living 2018

Tri-umphant times

We talk to Mike George, owner of Triathlon Store, about the unlikely catalyst for his new business.

What would you do if your doctor has just told you that you have Type 2 Diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure? Resign yourself to taking a cocktail of medication for the rest of your life or decide to try something different? “I made some significant changes to the kind of food I ate and got on my bike,” explains Mike. “Four months later, no diabetes, low cholesterol and lower blood pressure,”

Changing his diet and adding cycling to his daily routine helped Mike decide to add to an exciting new venture to his existing business. Triathlon is one of the fastest growing participation sports in the UK and with a company that had been selling wetsuits for 28 years, an experienced and knowledgeable runner and a swimming coach on staff the new venture was a no-brainer. “We brought in a cycling expert to join us,” adds Mike, “and so our team of triathlon experts was complete.”

The company has joined forces with bike manufacturer Scott to offer their wide range of quality bikes suitable for every type of cycling, from gentle trails and beautiful winding coast roads to the toughest forest mountain bike routes. They also have an excellent selection of electric bikes for both road and rough tracks meaning that every member of the family can get on their bike!

Triathlon Store is a ‘one-stop-shop’ offering everything you need for all three elements of the triathlon. So, whether it’s a swimming wetsuit or simply a pair of goggles you need; some superb Hoka running shoes, or a race winning Scott bike, you’ll find it all in store, with a group of experienced advisors on hand to guide you through the best fit for every element of the sport.

For Mike’s part, this year he did his first triathlon as part of an ‘older’ boys team where each person did one part of the race. Next year Mike plans to complete his first full event, safe in the knowledge that he is now fitter and healthier as a result.


7 Hayle Industrial Park, Hayle TR27 5JR

01736 751066

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