Cornwall Living 2018

Meet the maker

We catch up with Michael Jenkin of Bespoke Surf – a surf-inspired furniture and skateboard brand now featured on the online marketplace Little Piece of Cornwall.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and bespoke surf
After college, having always had an interest in designing and making, I trained as a furniture maker. Since, I’ve worked for a highly reputable kitchen and furniture maker and have been self-employed, creating a wide range of pieces from bespoke, fitted wardrobes to side tables, all from my workshop. I created Bespoke Surf in 2015, fusing my passions of woodworking and surfing by making surf-inspired, solid hardwood home décor and skateboards. I am also a volleyball coach – a rather different line of work to hours spent in the workshop!

What inspires you to do what you do?
I’ve always wanted to produce fine furniture and products that are bespoke, unique and made with the finest craftsmanship. Those three aspects are really important to me, as I want to create things that people will cherish for life.

Why did you join the Little Piece of Cornwall marketplace?
I joined because the whole idea of being able to offer products to those who hold Cornwall dear made a lot of sense to me. Whether they live, lived or simply visit Cornwall, Little Piece of Cornwall allows you to offer them something Cornish that they can take with them, wherever they go.

What do you love most about being a Cornish independent business?
I’m proud to be able to offer my products as genuine, handcrafted pieces that are born out of the beautiful landscape and that people can enjoy day in, day out.

Tell us your plans for 2017 and beyond
I’d love to have Cornish hotels, cafés and restaurants decorating their rooms with my products for their clients to see and enjoy. As I travel regularly to Barcelona for beach volleyball, I’d also love to take my unique, solid-hardwood skateboards to surf and skate shops there.

What has been a highlight moment of your venture so far?
To be honest, I’d say having customer feedback on my work is the best bit. Knowing someone will have something you’ve made for years to come is a pretty special feeling.

Where is your favourite surf spot in Cornwall?
In the summer, I’d say Porthmeor in St Ives is my favourite; days full of volleyball, surfing, music and barbeques with friends are tough to beat, in my eyes!


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