Cornwall Living 2018

A Top Recommendation

The staff of Cornwall Care have once again been recognised for their achievements across the county.

It’s no surprise Cornwall Care is celebrating its new rankings on‘s recommendation list. The quiet achievers of Cornwall Care now proudly hold the accolade for being among the best care homes in Cornwall with all their homes being in the top 45 out of a total of 254 care homes across Cornwall.

Over the past year, staff and management have been working particularly hard to improve their services and homes throughout Cornwall. Actively seeking feedback from residents is now a common practice and it’s clear that all the hard work is paying off. Head of Marketing and PR, Alexandra Davies, says: “We have been delighted at some of the positive comments that we have received.”

Residents of Cornwall Care homes have reported feeling comfortable and loved, safe and cared for, and families have said how they have felt welcomed by the staff, complimenting their involvement in the care process. Others have said how they feel they are all part of one big ‘care home family’. Truly rewarding feedback makes the hardwork worthwhile, and can only make for the willingness to persist in quality homes and service.

Betty, the wife of a resident, expresses her thoughts: “My husband has been a resident in the Trewartha House for nearly four years now, and in all that time he has received nothing but the very best care. His every need is catered for by a very caring and efficient staff. If there is any need for concern regarding his condition a doctor is called and I am notified immediately. When I leave Trewartha after visiting my husband, I leave with peace of mind knowing that he is in safe hands, and that means everything to me’.

Alexandra adds: “We are very proud of our staff and are delighted to share our rankings!”


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