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All gain no pain

Take the frustration out of selling your family home with advice from Sampson Solicitors.

Buying and selling a property can be stressful, especially if you and your family find yourselves in a chain of transactions. It can feel like you’re wading through mud while wearing shackles. As you find yourselves waiting on people in different parts of the country, getting reliable information gets more and more difficult.

Stress usually comes from the lack of control that comes with such a situation, and is only made worse when you’ve set your hearts on a certain moving date. This date is determined by the slowest person in the chain and, no matter how much other people want a certain date, if one person is still awaiting their mortgage offer, it isn’t going to happen. The best way, according to the experts at Sampson Solicitors, is to be as flexible as possible and instruct a pro-active solicitor to chase on your behalf.

It might be that you’ve sold your property and that the buyers, who’ve since had a survey, are now asking for money off. It’s not a new property, so surely they shouldn’t expect it to be perfect. The idea of giving a price reduction in such a circumstance is a huge bone of contention when it comes to selling property and can be incredibly frustrating. Fortunately, rather than conceding, as many might, there is an overlooked solution: ask to see the survey. It should contain a statement as to what the property is worth in its current state and condition. Frequently, the surveyor will say it’s worth the asking price, even though repair works are required. Logically, if their own surveyor says it’s worth what they agreed to pay, it’s difficult to justify a price reduction, so it’s definitely a tactic worth trying. Indeed, faced with this this common-sense fact, buyers often have little option but to drop their request, meaning you’re not left out of pocket!

For advice on any of these issues, call Kevin Craner – an experienced Property Solicitor with Sampson Solicitors – who will be happy to discuss your individual circumstances.


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