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Neptune Chichester Kitchen from Parks Interiors

The Chichester Kitchen, available in Cornwall from Parks Interiors,  is Neptune’s original kitchen and we absolutely love it. It is a wonderful combination of traditional detailing, elegant craftsmanship and sophisticated proportions. Its versatility lies in the fact that it can sit comfortably in the most contemporary space or look stylish in a rustic farmhouse.

The soft hand painted finish and distinctive profile look stunning in any of our 28 paint colours, complemented by a wide range of handles and hinges. With each unique cabinet and each unique combination you can create a bespoke design that perfectly suits your home and lifestyle.

The concept behind the Chichester Kitchen was to design and produce a kitchen of the very highest standard, at a fantastic price that is truly simple to fit. Neptune wanted it to perfectly match all of their freestanding Chichester furniture to give you the look and feel of a bespoke kitchen that was flexible, functional and refined.

Every detail is designed to give you a unique, bespoke kitchen that perfectly suits your home and your lifestyle

They have put a great deal of care and attention into every detail to make your Chichester Kitchen a joy to fit as well as to use. Using the best traditional joinery methods Neptune have made each cabinet using a fully framed face so the doors and drawers are set into the cabinet frame. This framework runs all the way to the floor, with a removable skirting board for a freestanding look or recessed back to give a strong shadow, yet still preventing dirt from disappearing into the void.
Immediately behind each frame the cabinet is cut away from the floor to make it easy to adjust the front legs to scribe them perfectly to an uneven floor. These stainless steel legs will never fail and are easy to adjust and secure to the ground to lock each cabinet in place.

They have also created a flexible void at the back of each cabinet to cater for uneven walls, plus a pair of adjustable stainless steel brackets to secure each cabinet to the wall. On the side is a 12mm overlap, which allows cabinets to be staggered in their layout. This gives you the option of setting feature items forward as well as allowing for minor adjustments in how much space a run takes.

The result is a fabulous design that you will really want to live in.

The Chichester Kitchen has a number of key features that Neptune are rightly proud of. The traditional moulding detail has been given a subtle, contemporary finish. The door mouldings rise proud of the frame and then return to the centre panel in a classical double pattern to produce shadow and relief. The same stylish approach is applied to the clever pull-outs, such as the bins and dishwashers, to give your kitchen a seamless look.
Each drawer is framed in a traditional ‘cock bead’ style and is fitted with the very best fully extending runners on the market. Clever adjustment levers are included to allow you to reset the position of your drawers to ensure they never drop or stick.

Inside each cabinet the detailing is equally important. Drawer boxes are made from 15mm sides rather than the 10mm norm. Key cabinets, such as the larder, incorporate a host of useful and elegant features such a the beautiful scalloping that allows you to see what you have stored where. The spice rack on the door gives you additional space for smaller items that will otherwise get lost.

To complete your kitchen, they offer a choice of skirting for a crisper look or stiles to the floor for a free-standing finish, they  even supply an acrylic template should you wish to cut out a section of your skirting with the Chichester detailing, perhaps below the sink. Every detail is designed to give you a unique, bespoke kitchen that perfectly suits your home and your lifestyle.

For more information about the Chichester Kitchen from Neptune, you can talk to Parks Interiors in Cornwall, or simply download the brochure from below.

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