Cornwall Living 2018

Camel Creek Resort development commences!

That’s right! The highly anticipated resort at Camel Creek is about to commence development by preparing the infrastructure for the 5-Star Resort that will sit adjacent to the existing adventure park. The resort, which will include a village with year-round sports and leisure facilities, as well as treehouses and villas set around a lake and a central village green, will be a magnificent addition to an already award-winning park.

In order to begin preparing the infrastructure with as little disruption to the park as possible, Camel Creek will be condensed into the top two thirds of the current site, with the 5D Simulator and Swampy and Dina Land being at the far end. Despite the enormous scale of the project, the team is determined to keep as much of the park open throughout the process. Indeed, all hi-tech and modern rides will remain as they are, as will the animal attractions, those for young families, catering outlets, Show Domes, the Showtime arena, Dragon’s Kingdom – the much-loved indoor play centre – and the main gift shop. Some older rides will be closed, but we’re told they’ll be replaced by new, hi-tech indoor attractions, meaning there’s even more to get excited about!

 Chairman, John Broome CBE, tells us: “We are delighted to announce that the first phase of the Resort will be the construction of the World’s first Treehouse Village hotel, complete with the magical ‘Treetops’ restaurant.  Construction will begin in summer 2018. The Lakeside villas and sub-tropical pool will follow”.

As a result, the Adventure Park will now be closed until 24th March 2018 but will re-open with the most popular attractions. The bottom section, around the lake, will be fenced off, clad with giant images of the Treehouses which will be under construction, but largely out of view. This short winter season closure over the February half-term week and winter weekends has been deemed necessary, as the safety of guests during the construction period is paramount.

So here’s to an exciting future ahead for Camel Creek – we can’t wait to see how it all turns out!

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