Cornwall Living 2018

Doing it yourself

We speak to Darryl Reburn of The Headland Hotel about the pros of a self-catering getaway.

Working in the hospitality industry for almost three decades, I couldn’t think of a more suited person to quiz about why self-catering holidays have become so popular. Darryl Reburn, General Manager of The Headland Hotel and Spa talks me through the pros of choosing to ‘do it yourself’ instead of opting to indulge in the luxuries that an all-inclusive break can offer.

I ask Darryl what he personally looks for when planning his annual family getaway “For me, it’s ensuring that all members of my family are happy – with two teenage daughters, my wife and even the dog to consider it can sometimes be tricky to ensure I find something that suits everyone’s tastes and requirements. Space, comfort, flexibility and of course a little bit of added luxury are the main four factors I take into consideration when trawling through the internet trying to find the perfect escape.”

Darryl continues “With the girls at an age where they want space and independence, we turned our searches to self-catering – and we haven’t looked back!”

Coming from a man who spends every day working within the industry, I wonder how ‘doing it yourself’ could seem relaxing and whether he could truly sit back, relax and unwind.

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“That’s the point!” Darryl laughs. “I want to escape… self-catering means I can do just that – no waking up with the thought of rushing down to breakfast to fight for the last rasher of bacon, no clock watching to ensure we get a table for dinner and no worrying about being too loud, messy or that the dog may interrogate the next passer-by”.

“It’s brilliant,” Darryl continues, “I wake up, sip a freshly brewed coffee whilst reading a book and plan my day at leisure. After a long, lazy day at the beach there’s no worry of being embarrassed about traipsing sand through a hotel, it’s just straight back to my ‘home’ where I feel completely at ease. For dinner, we have the flexibility of choosing whether to lavish in a local eatery or do it ourselves with a home-made favourite. To end our day, it’s a game of scrabble whilst relaxing on comfy sofas – not sat on the end of a bed crammed in a hotel room.”

Darryl concludes, “For a night away with Lou, my wife, of course I’ll treat her to a luxury spa break in a high end hotel, but with the family in tow self-catering gives us everything we could possibly need”.

It seems Darryl has self-catering down to a T. For space, comfort, flexibility and freedom a self-catering break sounds like the perfect option – I might have to try it myself!

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