Cornwall Living 2018

Learning from nature

A local company is leading the way by offering a series of workshops aiming to get people outdoors.

It’s often said that the days of kids playing out in the streets from dawn until dusk are now gone, phased out by the new generation of children glued to their Xbox’s and Playstation’s.

However thanks to a forward thinking enterprise, children now have a chance to discover what they are missing.

Nature Workshops are a non-profit organisation that offers a series of outdoor activities aiming to benefit a participant’s learning and health.

These activities range from snorkelling to making fires and include just about everything in between.

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Although we think that Nature Workshops are a great way to get kids outdoors, they also cater for adult getaways such as corporate trips, stag and hen do’s and grown up escapes, and director Jane Acton is hoping that the number of bookings continue to increase.

The organisation has recently opened a new office on an alpaca farm in Porkellis, using low grade alpaca wool for insulation and wind powered electricity to stay true to the company’s natural ethos.

The office was officially opened when Ian Smith, MD of Community Energy Plus, cut the ribbon in an event organised by Stuart Stevens, who completed his eight week work placement with Nature Workshops by setting up the event.

For more information or make a booking with Nature Workshops website.