Cornwall Living 2018

Take the Plunge – Mid Cornwall Landscaping

If you dream of having a swimming pool in your garden but would prefer to steer away from chemicals in the water, then here at Cornwall Living we may have discovered the perfect alternative.

The secret lies with Mid Cornwall Landscaping, which has partnered with Clear Water Revival Ltd to bring the latest generation of natural swimming pools to the county.

With eco design very much in the forefront, although build costs are similar to a conventional pool, ongoing running costs are usually much lower.

Micro-organisms and carefully selected plants balance the water chemistry to give a unique swimming experience. Once you’re in the water itself, it feels as if you are swimming in silk due to the lack of chemicals.

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If you or your children are sensitive to chlorine this will offer great reassurance and it’s also of benefit to the environment.

You have the choice of heating the pool by traditional methods or, for a more sustainable approach, renewable energies can be captured to keep the water warm.

The overall effect is definitely impressive and whether you have a formal or informal garden an Eco Pool responds to the environment beautifully, complementing any existing design.

Each pool is tailor-made to meet the specific requirements of the individual customer, while landscaping and planting are sympathetic. Looking into the cool clear water of an Eco Pool, it’s hard not to jump straight in.

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