Cornwall Living 2018

The Lorax at Eden.

Just like the Lorax, who’s the guardian of the forest, Eden loves plants, and also love encouraging kids to connect with nature, so they’re putting on activities that will not only be loads of fun but will also get them thinking. It’ll make for a summer day out they’ll never forget!

Explore a Lorax-ified Eden Project, from fluffy Truffula trees to a huge Once-ler Tower on the wall of their Core building, and have a hoot with a range of games and craft activities:

Go on the Lorax trail: follow the trail through our Biomes to find out how we can live in harmony with plants. Discover all kinds of fascinating and useful plants – from cocoa to cork – and finish by making a pledge to the Lorax.

Create the ‘Let it grow’ mural: get involved in a huge, collaborative Truffula tree mural, just like the one painted by Ashley in the film. Paint a section and see it added to the growing masterpiece on the wall.

Make your own Lorax moustache: look like the furry peanut himself!

Make your own ‘unless stone’*: in the movie, the Lorax leaves an unless stone to remind us that the power is in our hands to change the way we treat the environment.

Build your own den: use all sorts of recycled materials to make a camp to be proud of.

Listen to the story: our Pollinators will be telling the original, hilarious story by Dr Seuss.

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About The Lorax movie

The Lorax, which opens in cinemas across the UK on 27 July, is from the same team that brought you the incredible movies Despicable Me and Hop. The beautifully animated Lorax movie is adapted from the classic children’s book by Dr Seuss, who also wrote The Cat in the Hat and How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

The Lorax has a great message of respecting plants and the environment, which, of course, is what Eden is all about!

The adventure follows Ted, a 12-year-old boy who lives in the very plastic town of Thneedville, where no plants grow. Ted (Zac Efron) is searching for a real Truffula tree, which will help him win the heart of Ashley (Taylor Swift), the girl of his dreams.

Ted meets the strange character of the Once-ler, who tells him about his encounter with the Lorax (Danny DeVito) – an outspoken but lovable and furry guardian of the forest. The Once-ler tells how he regrets chopping down all the beautiful trees in the Lorax’s Truffula valley to make a useless but highly profitable product, which in turn inspires Ted to restore balance to Thneedville.