Cornwall Living 2018

Brigid Foley

There are many cultural markers that define an era, and fashion is certainly one of them. Brigid Foley has been through the pivotal style changes of the Seventies, Eighties and Nineties and are still going strong in the Noughties. Don’t be fooled in to thinking that Brigid Foley is limited to its original and quirky building in Tavistock, as this isn’t the case. There is a rich fashion history here with designs sold worldwide and fashion shows in New York, London and Paris. Brigid has sold her collection to many high-end, exclusive retailers including Harrods, Selfridges and Dickins & Jones in London, and Nieman Marcus in the United States. The establishment itself has been going for over 20 years, providing women of all ages with discerning fashion for every occasion. As someone whose life is fashion, Brigid takes great care when sourcing designers, who come from all over Europe.

Her well-stocked and diverse collection has come from many designers from a wide range of different backgrounds, including Zuza Bart of Poland whose intriguing designs are inspired by woodland in the autumn. The French collection from Fred Sabatier provides something quite different from the original and quirky designs of Bart. His fashion focuses on creating for women who want to express their femininity both in their choice of material and in the small details

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that play with different looks and personalities. He takes a sophisticated look and makes them fun and casual, suitable and comfortable for day-to-day wear.

The Seventies were defined by flares, the Eighties by hairspray and counter-culture movements, so what defines our era? The truth is, we wont know until it passes. Sub-cultures have become ever-stronger and personal expression seems more important than following a cultural dress code. These days we’re not confined to our own cultural identity, but have the luxury of picking designs from across the globe from designers who are all unique. Brigid Foley continues to move forward with the times, realising the significance of not only a physical store but a digital one and in bringing a global collection to a global conscious society.


Brigid Foley ship their clothing worldwide!

If you can’t get into the store then have a look at their web site to see the various styles they have available.

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