Cornwall Living 2018

Bring the summer home

We take a look at the fantastic range of heating available from Rointe.

Cornwall has been lucky enough to have a few sunny days recently but unfortunately that doesn’t mean we feel the heat everywhere we go. Indeed, when there is a granite wall between you and glorious sunshine you won’t be sitting in flip-flops and a sundress! Of course, this doesn’t mean you are doomed to sit in chilly rooms until the summer heats up enough to warm our Cornish homes. The installation of an efficient heating system ensures stable and soft warmth for your home or business, giving the ambience of a summer’s day.

Research has shown that the ideal temperature for a home should be 21°C, as this offers an ideal comfort with the added benefits of lower consumption costs. Heating expert Rointe is in agreement with this comfortable temperature and has strived to ensure this temperature is maintained while taking careful consideration of various other parameters such as ensuring heat is delivered without hot or cold draughts, a stable temperature with minimum fluctuations and making sure moisture in the air stays at a healthy and comfortable level.

With all of these aspects in mind, Rointe designed a range of radiators and towel rails that are specifically designed to maintain absolute comfort and wellbeing while also offering savings on electricity through energy efficiency. The range of products also comes with complete control, one of the reasons that Rointe is becoming one of the UK’s favourite heating brands.

You can control your heating anytime and from anywhere with Rointe’s connect app, which can be easily accessed by any smartphone, tablet or PC. Program your heating to activate only when you need it, whether for your home, office or business, all controlled from one location. Why waste money heating your home when you aren’t there? The app also shows you real-time statistics such as the daily, monthly, and annual usage as well as how much you’re saving. This delivers a control of your heating like never before.

So, bring the summer into your home even when it doesn’t feel like it outside and take a look at these fantastic and controllable heating systems.


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