Cornwall Living 2018

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We catch up with Cornish clothing brand, Finisterre, as the team opens a new store in St Agnes.

Finisterre started in 2003, in a flat above a surf shop in St Agnes. Starting out with an innovative fleece designed to keep out the chilly winds and keep bodies warm, the brand, 14 years down the line, has grown to now have four stores in London, Bristol, Falmouth and St Agnes.

Each store has been part of their journey, and with each the team has learned something new. With the new site at St Agnes, it was important to maintain brand heritage and make sure the design was in keeping with the surrounding area, as it’s part of an old tin mine.

Fleur Jon, Finisterre’s Visual Merchandiser, said: “A few months ago, our warehouse relocated so we were left with an empty space and an opportunity to turn our old warehouse into a new retail space. The space is much bigger, allowing us to showcase the range in full, and provide a better in-store experience.

“We always try to be as resourceful as possible when it comes to building something new. With this project we used a lot of reclaimed materials, scaffold boards and an old tin roof, keeping things simple and conscious of the impact we’re having without breaking the bank. The new store

gives a real sense of the brand, it’s real and rugged with a timeless aesthetic. “

Finisterre continues to grow through both digital and physical channels, retaining its Cornish roots whilst reaching across the U.K.

Fleur continues: “Our brand vision is all about our love of the sea, which is still at the heart of everything we do.

“Our products continue to improve and as we reach out to new customers, our commitment is still to well-crafted, considered ranges that form part of our customers active lives.”

Finisterre Founder, Tom Kay says: “To anyone in the area, travelling across continents, countries, counties or otherwise – drop in and take a look at how far we’ve come, and make yourselves at home!”

Congratulations to the entire Finisterre team on the recent launch; here’s to more of the same!

To find out more about this impressive Cornish brand’s history, visit the website.

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