Cornwall Living 2018

Green Air South West

With the announcement of the Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI) confirmed on Wednesday 8th April 2014, Green Air South West has become positively, very busy. Since the last edition of Cornwall living, we have had an increased number of people calling into the office at Trebyan and contacting us to see which of our products can save them money, whilst also earning them money.

Rachel Adams the Director of Green Air South West said “this is a very exciting time For Green Air South West, due to recent rumblings in the Department of Energy and Climate Change and the announcement of the RHI; more and more people want to turn to Renewable Energy sources. This major impact on the company, has given us the opportunity to increase our staff levels with five new employees starting training shortly. Green Air South West is still committed to take on more apprentices also, with four more vacancies opening in 2014. Des Small, Green Air Head of Installations, strongly believes that “Local jobs should be for local people”. This appears to be the ethos at Green Air as the company continues to build upon its previous success.

The knowledge of renewable energy is still fairly a new concept and many of our customers are not too sure which systems would best suit them. Therefore please read below, to see if any of our Renewable Energy products could be of benefit to you.

Biomass wood pellet boilers are environmentally friendly and a safe way to heat your property using wood pellets as fuel.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change has released the yearly Tariff as 12.2 pence per KWH. This can be anything from £1500 t0 £5000 pounds per year, paid to the customer for seven years whilst also reducing your current fuel bills.

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Air Source Heat Pumps absorb the air from outside and turn this into hot water whilst also heating your home.

This is very popular amongst customers because they can eradicate or cut your oil or gas bills. To capitalize on this, the Department of Energy and Climate Change will pay you 7.3 pence per KWH, which equates to approximately £1000 per year for seven years.

Our Air to Air units are a sleek modern design which is highly sought after by our customers. These units replace central heating systems and reduce your heating bills. Some of the key features are intelligent eye sensors which detect movement and allow the units to switch on and off. Also the system purifies the air and can also act as a de – humidifier. Finally, the system will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Solar Thermal, harnesses the suns energy to generate hot water. The Department of Energy and Climate Change will pay you 7.3 pence per KWH, equating approximately to £200 per year for seven years.

Finally, we still fit Solar Photovoltaic which generates electricity for your home. Based on a 4KW system, a customer can potentially earn up to £760 pounds in their first year, after installation.

If you wish to enquire about any of our systems, or receive a heat loss calculation, please feel free to phone us today, so that we can arrange an appointment for you with one of our Surveyors.


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