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Superfast Cornwall

What does this mean for individuals and businesses in Cornwall?

If you think back a few years to when broadband was introduced to Cornwall, speed really wasn’t a huge issue. Technology has moved quickly and our increased need to be online all the time and the changes in the way we use technology, has driven a demand for faster speeds. Homes now have iPads, TVs, laptops and mobile phones all connected to the internet at the same time; businesses need to operate faster; people work from home more and we want to search, share, like and tweet, instantly. All of this activity needs faster broadband and superfast fibre broadband provides this. It has become, in the minds of many people, another utility. Property owners and businesses expect to have it and being ahead of the trend gives Cornwall a distinct advantage.

What do we use it for?

The immediate benefits of faster broadband is that is allows people to do much more online and at the same time as others. For homes, you can see and talk to your friends and family through internet phone or video calls, and ensure you don’t miss an episode of your favourite drama through ‘on demand’ access to TV programmes. Downloading music and films has become even easier as well as uploading photos and videos to sharing sites.

Fibre broadband means you can work from home as effectively as from your office. This could save you money, help you achieve a better work-life balance and help protect the environment too, through less commuter travel. Businesses can use video conferencing between offices or with clients across the globe, email and receive increasingly larger files, back up their data instantly and have improved access to cloud based software. Systems and processes are quicker overall meaning everything works more efficiently.

As an example, access to Wi-Fi has become an essential part of the customer experience in the tourism industry. Offering enhanced Wi-Fi facilities for guests, whether they’re on holiday or business, can be a great way to retain customers and give an accommodation

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provider the competitive edge. Even on a busy day customers can surf the internet without it buffering.

It is worth noting that superfast broadband will not cost you the earth. In some cases it could even cost you less than your current broadband connection.

Superfast Stats

•   Fibre to the cabinet provides speeds of up to 80Mbps and fibre to the premises up to 330Mbps

•   85% of homes and businesses can now get fibre based broadband

•   The aim is to increase this to 95% by the end 2014

•   Cornwall is leading the country in the roll out of fibre

•   30% of homes and businesses across the county will be enabled with fibre directly to their premises

•   Cornwall will have access to some of the fastest speeds in Europe

To see if you can upgrade to faster broadband visit to check your line, then contact your internet service provider.

Superfast Cornwall

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