Cornwall Living 2018

Kitchen dreams are coming true…

Welcome to Cornwall Livings’ Ultimate Pronorm Special, brought to you in association with Solo Kitchens Ltd and Pronorm

If you are anything like us, and you were to create your dream kitchen, every part of it would have to be completely individual and specifically  designed for  you and the way you like to live. Our perfect dream kitchen needs to be built to exactly match our personal needs and habits.

Not easy to do you may think, but following our recent excursion to meet with Solo Kitchens, now the exclusive stockist in Cornwall of the sought-

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after Pronorm Kitchen, we experienced the many options offered by modern kitchen layouts.

Whether it’s small kitchens that requires space planning for the whole family, or exclusive designs and bespoke proposals,  it now seems that everything is possible, and possible with the highest degree of individuality, quality and intelligent detail.

You can view our digital special here: where we are going to lead you through some of our favourites, all of which combine high aesthetics, innovative functionality and a commitment to quality that is imperative when creating a dream kitchen.