Cornwall Living 2018


M-Store is a clean, modern, purpose built and secure storage facility conveniently located for users just a stone’s throw from the A30 at the Victoria Interchange.

Providing space for a variety of storage purposes, from cars to archives, full house moves to business storage space, M-Store aims to have a size space for every need. The site provides units from 11 to 200 sqft, many of which are drive up units for ease of accessibility. The larger units are accessed by roller shutter garage door fronting and there are a variety of on-site trollies and sack trucks to help customers. All units are well insulated and most benefit from industrial dehumidifiers to ensure belongings and goods leave as they arrive.

Customers access the site through a swipe card system, with 24/7hr

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access to ensure they, and only they, are able to access their storage when they need to. Each unit is also individually alarmed and being constantly monitored by CCTV and specialist companies. Contracts start from just one day, and with M-Store, you only pay for the days you use the storage.

M-Store can offer flexible storage for a variety of customers including business’. The units can be used as a hub for contractors, a storage space for goods when stock levels are high, an out of season storage for water sports companies or initial space for start-up businesses that aren’t yet ready to step up to an industrial unit. Space can easily be upgraded or downgraded in a few minutes to provide the space that is required. Archive storage is also offered, with or without a racking or drop off and collection services across Cornwall.