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Strippers Flooring

Strippers Flooring works on the best commercial and residential properties. Owner Andrew tell us that most wooden floors can be transformed if you approach it in the right way.

Who has got a wooden floor that needs some tender loving care, perhaps one with blemishes hidden under a carpet? Then let us introduce you to Strippers, the professional wooden floor sanding and restoration experts for both residential and commercial projects.

Andrew knows everything you can possibly ever want to know about wood floors and finishes with 15 years in the business, and if you invite him along he will lovingly explain how he can bring out your floor’s potential. Andrew will consider any wooden flooring project, even those boards in severe disrepair, and will often re-lay floors, use reclaimed timber to match boards in existing rooms or remove boards from one room and re-lay them in another.

It’s very rare for floors to be beyond restoration. “The key question is whether they are structurally sound. If the answer is yes then I can normally work some magic, and if not then I will always be honest and say if I think the floors are not worth doing or I feel there is a better alternative option.”

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Strippers deals with every stage from early repair of joists and boards to stripping and sanding and staining and finishing. Nothing is sub-contracted, so you’ll only ever see Andrew. When it comes to finishes, Andrew explains that it’s down to the client’s plans: “I will always chat this through and make recommendations based on the floor’s use, the desired finish and maintenance.”

In principle, there are two routes: the ‘sealed’ floor, meaning water-based polyurethane, or the more natural ‘living’ floor using oils or wax. “Both have their pros and cons, both can look beautiful and both can do the job. I work with you to make sure you get the right one,” says Andrew.

Strippers uses only the best products available to the flooring market, including Bona of Sweden and Blanchon of France. You can see Strippers floors in action at Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen at Watergate Bay

and the award-winning Primrose Valley Hotel in St Ives, in addition to numerous residential projects. Now, let’s have a look under that carpet…

Strippers Flooring
Primrose Valley, St Ives
TR26 2ED
01736 795564 / 07813 444789