Cornwall Living 2018

Trevena Cross Nurseries

When travelling between Helston and Penzance you could be forgiven for unknowingly driving past the unique gardens that exist just metres from the main road.

Hidden by a row of trees, Trevena Cross Nurseries is a family owned company, which prides itself on keeping things Cornish.

Owner Graham Jeffery said: “Our primary aim is to introduce locally grown plants, suited to Cornish conditions, in gardens across Cornwall. Whilst more than 80 per cent of what we sell is grown in our 32 acre working nursery, some of our bigger, more exotic specimens have been brought over from their natural Mediterranean environment in Spain. Regardless, all our plants have been specially selected for their ability to withstand the Cornish climate and create a year-round impression.”

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Graham is an enthusiastic horticulturalist and has been at the helm of Trevena Cross Nurseries for 35 years, using his gardening and growing knowledge to help customers make the most of their gardens.

The story began when Graham and his father successfully sold their products at Helston town market. The Jefferys decided to expand by setting up a shop on the site of their nursery.

Business accelerated when a sudden surge of interest in exotic plants gave the father and son team a speciality.

Trevena Cross Nurseries is thought to be a pioneer in bringing many new and unorthodox plant varieties across to Britain; these include the Proteas and Restios, which are now both commonly found in gardens across the United Kingdom.

Trevena Cross Nurseries is situated just off the main road between Helston and Penzance, in the village of Breage. Call 01736 763800 for more information.