Cornwall Living 2018

Truly Cornish – St Justin Jewellery

If you are looking for something truly Cornish, you can’t get much better than a gift from St Justin. Each piece of their unique  jewellery and giftware is hand-crafted in Cornwall, home to the many native Celts who were driven away from the temperate midlands of Britain by invading European warriors.

During the 20th century, much of the tin used to make pewter was mined in Cornwall with granite steam engine houses dominating the landscape. An esteemed alloy, Pewter rose in popularity during the Middle Ages; enduring and malleable, it acquires an attractive patina with age, and can be fashioned into almost any form desired. Unrivalled until the 19th century, pewterware was exported to all the corners of the world during the grand days of the British Empire.

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At St Justin, this historic tradition lives on. High quality pewter ingots are fused in a crucible and the molten metal is poured into the rubber moulds created from the artist’s original sculpture. After cooling and linishing, the items are hand-polished and painted by skilled craftspeople, before clips and other findings are spot-welded into position.

That said, there is certainly more to St Justin than Pewter, with gifts and jewellery also crafted in silver and Cornish Bronze including; Celtic crosses, pendants, earrings and brooches, as well as Viking jewellery, Elvish love rings, amulets, talismans and much more.

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