Cornwall LivingIssue #146

A better way to warmth

Discover the latest smart heating technology from Wendron Stoves and take control of your home’s environmental impact.

Wendron Stoves leads the way in Cornwall for customers looking for the most efficient and innovative products on the market. The team prides itself on its technical expertise, with the business serving as a solution to addressing our expectations and concerns surrounding environmental consciousness and impact. Indeed, whilst solutions to today’s environmental issues are challenging – and often costly – Wendron Stoves believes in tackling the problem head on. 

The company commits itself to providing customers with the perfect product. To do so, it has to adhere to evolving environmental needs, which has resulted in the team’s discovery of some impressively innovative solutions over the years. From ensuring that all installation engineers are HETAS qualified, to sourcing wood-pellet-burning stoves, the team are always keen to challenge themselves in order to adapt for the future. It’s for this reason that you’ll now find stoves in the range that incorporate smart technology via electronic control systems – once reserved for electric and oil-fired heating. Now, complex controls are now available for the modest woodburner, too! This means that we, as customers, can enjoy the technology that we’re all familiar with, from our mobile phones to our tablets, to control
our woodburners. In doing so, we can mitigate several issues as we attempt to warm our homes during the cooler months.

In fact, there are a host of benefits to this. Firstly, we can minimise our impact on the environment. By exercising control over the heat from our burners by using an electronic control system, we can achieve the cleanest combustion possible, helping us to get the most out of our wood. You can set the desired room temperature on your smart device to prevent overheating, and when you’re not using the stove, the air supply is automatically closed, stopping hot air in the room from travelling up your chimney and being wasted. You can still light your cosy fire as usual (and who doesn’t love the process of building and lighting a fire?) however, this technology means you’ll have the ease of letting the system control the air supply for you. What’s more, if you change your mind and the room becomes too hot or cold, you’ll still have the flexibility to adjust the temperature by simply using your smart device. Finally, when it’s time to restoke, you’ll receive a notification on your device, just as you do with any other app.

Manufacturers currently leading the market include HWAM, from the small Danish town of Hørning. HWAM® SmartControl allows you to regulate the temperature level in rooms heated with a wood-buring stove directly from your smart device, essentially putting woodburners on an equal footing with the convenience of other heating methods. You’re no longer restricted to electric heaters if you want to easily regulate your home’s temperature, which is a boon to anybody wanting the convenience of electric heating with the soothing glow of a real fire. 

Another is Jøtul, whose wood-burning stoves with Zensoric technology are proving as revolutionary as they are user friendly. Zensoric automatically optimises air supply for a cleaner and more efficient burn, benefiting the environment and your budget. It also minimises soot on the glass of the stove, meaning you enjoy the therapeutic dancing of the flames without black marks spoiling the view. 

Wendron Stoves’ strong relationship with both of these brands means that you’ll receive the highest-quality product and after-market service possible. The control systems that come with each also mean no more getting up and down to put the next log on or tweak the air vent, and no more constantly adjusting the thermostat!


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